Trusting Life

Julian Freeman

Learning to trust ourselves © Chris Nunan

Do you want to tell a story?

Do you want a magical touch to your event?

Do you want to get more people interested in your idea’s ?

Maybe you should consider telling “the story” by pointing to that which is not said – but the feeling that is generated, when life in the moment, unrolls it’s power of connection, clarity and love.

I can help you do this ..have a look

Copyright © T.C.Nunan

Retreat participant’s enjoying the night in Albir, Spain © Chris Nunan


Participant © Chris Nunan

Ami Chen teaching

Amy Chen teaching  The Three Principles © Chris Nunan

Copyright © T.C.Nunan

The location. Playa Albir © Chris Nunan

Copyright © T.C.Nunan

The location II. Playa Albir © Chris Nunan

Copyright © T.C.Nunan

Getting to the point © Chris Nunan

Copyright © T.C.Nunan

Yoga Mark listening © Chris Nunan

Julian Freeman

Julian inside out © Chris Nunan

Copyright © T.C.Nunan

That feeling of being touched © Chris Nunan

” I appreciate the understanding Chris has of the photographic creative process and how this factors into the freshness of his images. Chris values stepping into interior silence, and then waiting patiently for what presents itself. The photograph that is taken from this state of mind arises out of the creative act of ‘seeing’ from beyond the conceptual mind. His photos therefore help evoke this silence and freshness of seeing in his viewers. ”
–Dicken Bettinger